The name of the Blog Explained…

The Name of this Blog comes from a quote from the Jewish Philosopher ,Martin Buber in regards to the idea of what having “real faith ” means to him.  he said; to have real faith “means holding ourselves open to the unconditional mystery which we encounter in every sphere of our life and which cannot be compromised by any formula.” You could think of it as unconditional love for the universe, the Red Sox, or your friends and loved ones, or your favorite band.  To try and trust the process of what life throws at you, dodging things or engaging head on. We are not God and We don’t control the laws of Karma.(unless you are a Buddhist.)

This Is the Begining..

With this new blog i will explore the personal, The spiritual, and The artistic aspects of our times,  Very little navel gazing here. amidst turning 50 and being diagnosed with a progressive disease called “Pulmonary Hypertension”, i will attempt to blog as regularly as possible, and not give , boring drawn out diatribes! Please accompany me on this journey where there are as many questions as are answers!