The name of the Blog Explained…

The Name of this Blog comes from a quote from the Jewish Philosopher ,Martin Buber in regards to the idea of what having “real faith ” means to him.  he said; to have real faith “means holding ourselves open to the unconditional mystery which we encounter in every sphere of our life and which cannot be compromised by any formula.” You could think of it as unconditional love for the universe, the Red Sox, or your friends and loved ones, or your favorite band.  To try and trust the process of what life throws at you, dodging things or engaging head on. We are not God and We don’t control the laws of Karma.(unless you are a Buddhist.)


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Multi-faith chaplain and curious about the world. Dealing with a progressive disease called Pulmonary hypertension..

3 thoughts on “The name of the Blog Explained…”

  1. Karma, the law of deed, is created all the time by us with body, speech, mind. If we are aware of that and well educated in Dharma, the Buddhist teaching, we can create so-called “good” karma (results of our doing, talking, thinking). But nobody knows wehwn the different karmic impressions, that go with “us” through many incarnations, will ripe so to speak. Therefore the happenings in our respective lifes are thought being some kind of fate, but they ain’t!


    1. There’s only strong karmic imprint when there is definite intent of the deed. Therefore we should consider well how to use the “dynamic” energy our persons have at their disposal and try giving it a positive direction.

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